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Hommage Records
Welcome to Hommage
Hommage Records is both a fan page and a record label, devoted to Norwegian synth bands of the 80's.


Hommage Records have begun releasing CD's and vinyls from a wide selection of artists. While working on this, we (well, it's mostly just me, innit?) are still working on making this site a web resource for everything connected to Norwegian synth bands of the 80's.

Here, you will (soon!) find a large selection of information on pretty much every knob-twiddler between punk and techno - (hitherto) unseen photographs, biographies, articles, discographies and more.

We are also planning a web shop, providing you with our own releases, but also committing ourselves to scourging the country for those elusive 80's releases - so look out and check back!

I'd like to take a minute to thank some people who've helped me out so far; Anders Moe, Sven-Terje Bang, Astrid Loraas, Olaf Nuttelmann, Tore Stemland, Alain Neffe, JR Bruun, Harald Are Lund, Morten Kobbeltvedt, Cato Langnes, Per Talleraas, Trine Stokland - and all the artists who have taken their time to answer my questions, providing me with pictures and music, and generally letting me bother them: Bern Balders, Jan Berg, Tor Dybdahl, Thorbjørn Grønning's family, Askild Hagen, Helge Hellebust, Geir Jenssen, Dave Jørgensen, Trygve Mathiesen, Thomas Robsahm, Kjell Tore Sandersen, Arvid Skancke-Knutsen and a score of others - this site is dedicated to your music.

Hommage Records will certainly need your feedback. Any suggestions, corrections, information, rumours, donations and/or lame anecdotes are always appreciated! Please take a minute to sign our Guestbook, or send us an e-mail to info(a)hommage.no. 



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